Smart Coats Coat Thinner

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Using the same principle as Smart Tails and Manes, these tools have a wider blade width of 5".

Smart Coats are brilliant for removing the winter undercoat. Tried and tested on ponies with Cushings and Donkeys and Shetland ponies who tend to be heavily coated all year round, continue to use them during the non-shedding season and they will actually thin the coat by cutting. Using them in the spring time on all other large animals, will allow quick removal of the winter coat as the head is so wide. Takes replacement blades and is interchangeable. They do not give a smooth clipped finish but do leave the coat tidy.

Which type to choose?

Coarse Blades (30 Teeth) This is the one we keep in stock as great for Natives) Good for very thick, coarse matted coats or particularly dense hair.

Fine Blades (60 Teeth) Good on finer, softer hair but where there is a lot of it, or for use after being initially thinned with the coarse blade.

Please contact us if you require additional/other blades.


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