Shires Comfort Grazing Mask with fleece

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The Shires Comfort Grazing Muzzle has been upgraded to enhance comfort and now has padding around the inside of the muzzle to protect the delicate nose area.  It has been cut back under the chin to improve the fit and both head and throat straps feature comfort padding and are fully adjustable. The muzzle features a durable rubber base with a hole in the bottom through which grass can enter and webbing bars which allow free air exchange. This deluxe version has a thick layer of fleece lining the top of the mask to help prevent any rubbing.

  • Fieldsafe Fastening
  • All straps are adjustable
  • Padded inside the nose area for comfort
  • Flexible base with 1 inch hole for drinking
  • D Ring for leadrope
  • The use of synthetic material makes it lightweight, rot resistant and well-ventilated
  • Well made and very strong

Grazing muzzles are an ingenius solution to help manage the intake of grass. They allow unrestricted breathing and drinking whilst allowing restricted grazing rather than segregation.


Small Pony - 5" deep by 16.5" circumference

Pony - 5" deep by 21" circumference


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