HyComfort Grazing Muzzle with Fleece (from Mini size)

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A nylon muzzle with rubber base small enough to fit Mini Shetland/Mini horse. The headpiece has a tough velcro fixing, a clip on throatlash and adjustable cheeks with an added piece of fleece lining around the top of the mask to help prevent any rubbing.  Also available in pony, cob and full size.

  • Fieldsafe Fastening
  • All straps are adjustable
  • Padded inside the nose area for comfort
  • Flexible base with 1 inch hole for drinking
  • D Ring for leadrope
  • The use of synthetic material makes it lightweight, rot resistant and well-ventilated

Grazing muzzles are a humane solution to help manage the intake of grass. They allow unrestricted breathing and drinking whilst allowing restricted grazing rather than segregation.


XS/Mini - 5" deep and 16" in circumference typically a good fit for Miniature Shetlands & Miniature Horses

Pony - 5" deep and 18" in circumference typically for Standard Shetlands & Small Ponies

Cob - 7" deep and 22" in circumference

Full - 7" deep and 24" in circumference