Horsecrocz (reusable hoof protection from Shetland size)

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What a fantastic idea! A reusable plastic shoe that can be used over a dressing to keep it in place.  Fully adjustable to fit different shapes of hoof.

  • Designed and manufactured in Britain, Horsecrocz are for use over hoof dressings to protect them from scraping and general wear and tear.
  • Horsecrocz can be reused many times making it a cost effective solution to protecting any hoof dressings.
  • If your horse has lost a shoe, a horsecrocz will keep the hoof protected until the blacksmith comes; especially useful if the horse is tender footed.
  • Small 11h - 12.2h / 9 - 13cm hoof width incl. 1cm for dressing
  • Medium 12.2h - 15h / 11.5cm hoof width incl. 1cm for dressing
  • Large 15h upwards / 14cm - 20cm hoof width incl. 1cm for dressing

The open design allows the hoof to breathe, and the horse can be turned out.


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