Grazing Muzzle / Mask with Fleece (for Mini & Shetland Pony)

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A nylon muzzle with rubber base to fit Mini Shetland, Shetland and smaller equines in general.  The headpiece has a tough velcro fixing, a clip on throatlash and adjustable cheeks with an added piece of fleece lining around the top of the mask to help prevent any rubbing.

  • Fieldsafe Fastening
  • All straps are adjustable
  • Padded inside the nose area for comfort
  • Flexible base with 1 inch hole for drinking
  • D Ring for leadrope
  • The use of synthetic material makes it lightweight, rot resistant and well-ventilated

Grazing muzzles are a humane solution to help manage the intake of grass. They allow unrestricted breathing and drinking whilst allowing restricted grazing rather than segregation.


X - Small - 5" deep and 16" in circumference typically a good fit for Miniature Shetlands & Miniature Horses

Pony - 5" deep and 18" in circumference typically for Standard Shetlands & Small Ponies