Equilibrium Midi Fly Mask with Ears (sizes from Pony)

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The Field Relief Midi is designed to fit very comfortably over your pony's face providing excellent clearance for the eyes and eyelashes. We often sell these for ponies with eye injuries and issues.
In its smallest size we have found this a good fit for a Miniature although it is not the smallest fly mask we sell it offers robust protection.
Soft padding at the brow and noseband ensures that the mask sits well clear of the pony's face and helps prevent rubbing or chaffing adjustable fastenings under the cheek and behind the ears, enables the midi mask to be tailored to fit each pony perfectly. The mesh used in the midi mask allows the pony to see perfectly clearly, making it highly suitable for Veterans (whose vision is beginning to deteriorate) and 'spooky' ponies.


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