Equilibrium Field Relief Max Fly Mask for Donkey

Equilibrium Field Relief Max Fly Mask for Donkey

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The Field Relief Max Donkey comes in two sizes to fit either Small Donkey or Large Donkey.

The Field Relief Max Donkey Fly Mask covers the ears, eyes and nose, with the nosepiece being removable and adjustable to suit your donkey. The adjustable fastenings under the cheeks and behind the ears ensure the perfect fit and stop any nasty insects getting inside the mask.

There is soft sponge padding on the nose and brow areas as well as strategically placed darts to ensure that the masks sits well clear of the eyes, eyelashes and face. The mesh on this donkey fly mask provides an effective barrier from midges, mosquitoes and flies as well as over 70% of the sun’s rays. The mesh is rigid for the central panel with a super soft net for the rest of the mask to provide further comfort.

This mask comes in black/orange only.


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