Bucas Power Cooler Pony Rug

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The Power Cooler is a high performance, light weight multi-purpose blanket that is ideal as a sweat blanket, travel blanket, competition and light stable blanket. The Single layer Stay-Dry fabric wicks moisture away and ensures that the pony is always dry.

Low friction outer finish minimises the amount of bedding material from sticking.

Shoulder darts ensures an excellent fit and plenty of shoulder room.

Suitable for Shetland Pony, Small Pony and Pony.


Rug Sizing Instructions

If you are unsure of size, take your measurement from "A" to "B" as shown below.

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Bucas has been making rugs since 1981. Based in Cork, Ireland it has a loyal following within professional training yards as well as with individual pony owners everywhere. We stock Bucas as it produces great quality rugs at sensible prices with 'Intelligent' features on each product that make them stand apart from other rugs



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