Bridles, Leatherwork and Webbing Goods

About the Bridles We Stock

The purchase of a new bridle is often overshadowed by more exciting items such as seasonal rugs and colourful acessories. It deserves careful consideration as a good quality pony bridle can last you years, much the same as a favourite handbag or pair of shoes.

English Leather hand stitched and hand finished takes some beating and pony bridles that are not mass manufactured can often offer more specific sizing for example, Section A, Section B and Pony sizes.

We stock two suppliers of English leather pony bridles as we feel they represent the very best in terms of quality of materials and workmanship plus a superior German Bridlemaker named 'Dobert' In the larger sizes we offer Harry Dabbs bridlework again English leather, English made and fantastic quality with up to date features. We also stock a range of Shires excellent quality, well priced imported bridlework to suit all budgets.

About the Leatherwork We Stock

Here you will find the widest selection of pony size leather accessories available anywhere. From cruppers to emergency straps and browbands to dasiy reins we have found the best there is from the leading manufacturers as well as sourcing bespoke products from skilled local craftsmen working in the finest materials.

About The Webbing Bridles We Stock

We sell only Libbys webbing bridlework theirs were the very first nylon web bridles on the market tried and tested over many years now they are well very made still in the UK and after washing come up good as new time and time again. They also have a great value range of driving bridles, harnesses and accessories.


About the Webbing Accessories We Stock

Libbys are unbeatable for their range of webbing accessories, from tiny halters to neck straps, the smallest webbing leathers, pony lunge cavessons, miniature rollers and side reins.