Bits and Stirrups

About the Bits we stock

We have sourced bits with smaller rings, thinner mouthpieces and lightweight materials. From everyday suppliers such as Shires and Jeffries to specialist bit manufacturers such as Abbey England and Sprenger. We hope that here you will find those hard to find pony bits not stocked by others and if not please do ask as we can often order in at no extra cost.

Abbey bits are made in the UK from the finest metals. Granted a Royal warrant, they supply the best components to the saddlery industry and are a name that is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

Consious of the issues smaller jockeys face with steering and control German Lorinary company Sprenger recently launched a new range of bits specifically for ponies. Their best selling Aurigan bits are now offered in various sizes starting from 4” the most popular being the KK Ultra and RS Dynamic ranges. These mouthpieces are mostly double jointed which after extensive research have proved to be most effective in communicating precise instructions from rider to pony.  The angle of the link is also rotated forward by 45 degrees. offer a great range of good quality everyday bits in the smaller sizes, many with smaller cheeks.

Jeffries have a small range of miniature bits to include a Weymouth and Pelham which starting from 3" these types of bits are increasingly hard to find. Their Lorinery is well priced and of a good quality as you would expect from Jeffries.

Although Shires only offer two bits a Dressage eggbutt and a French Link eggbutt both are offered in both miniature and small pony sizes ranging from 3.5" -5" with size appropriate rings and mouthpieces. Their bits offer fantastic value for money.