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We stock Turnout and Stable rugs from our recommended manufacturers Horseware, Bucas, Shires and IV Horse. Fly Sheets from Horseware, Bucas and IV Horse. Fleece, Multi-Purpose and Cooler Rugs from Thermatex, Bucas and IV Horse .

Each of these manufacturers share our philosophy that simply scaling down horse rugs to pony size isn’t good enough. These manufacturers supply superior quality rugs that look great, fit well and consequently last longer.

Miniature Horse & Miniature Shetland Pony Owners

We are stocking IV Horse Wee Pony Miniature Turnout Rugs with or without fill starting at 2’9, with combo or classic necks. Various Stable and Fleece rugs are also available. IV Horse has worked hard to bring to the market a range of thoughtfully designed rugs to protect the tiniest minis against the elements. 

 We are also stocking the Shires Miniature Highlander Turnout Rug with a snug 200g fill starting at 2'9. This rug has no back seam making it comfy to wear and comes with adjustable double breast straps secured with additional velcro. To co ordinate we offer the Shires Mini Tempest Mini 200 stable rug which includes all of the above features also.

Standard Shetland and Small Pony Owners

Starting at 3'9" the Horseware Rhino Pony Range offers four different turnout rugs these super rugs are built to last  Alongside the IV Horse and Shires range of turnout and stable rugs we are also stocking the Bucas  Irish Turnout and Smartex available with or without fill starting at 3’6 in size . These rug we have found with its pleated neckline is fitting a wide range of smaller ponies and comes highly recommended. Owners of Shetland and smaller ponies will also find the Bucas Shamrock Power starting at 3'6" a fantastic multi-purpose rug offering a great fit.

Pony Owners

 As well as the Bucas pony range running through to 5’ 6" and the Horseware Rhino pony range which goes up to 5'9" we are also stocking the Shires Stormbreaker, Tempest and Highlander ranges. The ever popular Thermatex Multi-Purpose Pony Rug is available in a huge range of colours and bindings from 4'0 up to 5'6".

 If you don't find exactly what you want please feel free to get in touch by phone on 01208 872 047 during office hours or by email anytime .